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You can make a change in the life of rural women today.!

"Accelerating Progress towards the Social & Economic Empowerment of Rural Women"

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DigiGaon Job Factory Foundation is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.


Owing to the Central Government of India policies and Schemes for projects to improve the economic activities in the country specially in rural women to give them economic empowerment and increase the standard of living of rural masses as well as to accelerate the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of the country as a whole. It is well known fact that 10% increase in Broadband access can add up to 1.4% to the GDP growth of a developing nation. To this effect, the Govt. has announced many projects, few of them are interrelated and can cascade into the growth of economic activities in rural India with an overall objective of eradicating the poverty through generation of employment for the rural youth and to Provide the Urban Amenities in Rural India (PURA), under the ‘RURBAN’ mission of Govt.

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DigiGaon Job Factory Foundation Confluence of inter-related Schemes of Government


The confluence of the four-mission mode program will not only contribute in employability through entrepreneurship but will also facilitate in the increase of manufacturing activities which in turn will accelerate the Job creation, further.


the confluence of these four mission mode programs can immensely contribute to the economy of rural India, empower the rural women, alleviate poverty and generate livelihood for rural masses, speedily.

Scope & Size of the “DigiGaon Job Factory”


Out of the total equipment required for converting a village into Hotspot at least 80% can be manufactured/ sourced in India today which can be increased to 100% in coming years. The potential of this to generate the employment and business is summarized below:


Projects Statistics- Next 3 Years (1 USD = 70 INR, 1 Cr. = 10 Mn, 1 Lakh= 0.1 Mn) – 1.5 B USD

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